Bathroom Humidity Problem Solved with IKEA's Lillnaggen Squeegee

So for the longest time ever, I have been trying to solve my bathroom humidity problem. Since Singapore's weather is insanely humid, it is hard to get rid of the moisture in the bathroom without causing the entire house to become even more humid. I was contemplating to install some bathroom exhaust fans found online:
Despite the fans being pretty affordable, the installation cost is insanely expensive at around $200! Not to mention that I will have to remove my windows to accommodate the fans and the running cost and noise of operating the fan.

So I went to dig around in forums and found a useful piece of advice:

"Wipe the walls and floors of the bathroom dry every time after a shower."

I mean, to use a cloth to wipe it down all the time will be too troublesome, so I decide to settle with the next best thing:
That's right! It's only $2.90 from IKEA! I found an old mop stick and voila!
And so, after every shower was like this previously... looks like this after i "dry it out":
To my surprise, although the water is not completely dried out from the walls and floors, the humidity is MUCH better! It does not feel like a sauna and the walls and floors completely dry out when I come back from work. It used to have small puddles here and there when I come home from work sometimes.

This trick worked for me. I mean, it's only $2.90. No harming trying to see if it helps with your bathroom humidity too!


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