Bluecar Rental Is Pretty Well Thought Out

I've have had a driving licence and have not driven on Singapore's road for the longest time, probably due to the insane COE prices that come attached to the price tag of purchasing a car in Singapore. I mean, I don't mind taking public transport, but once in a while, a car will really come in handy when you (1) are carrying a lot of items, or (2) have to go to someplace not served so well with the public transport.

That's where BlueSG comes into play. They basically have 2 plans now:
After signing up and providing all the relevant documents such as NRIC and Driving Licence, my account was approved the next working day!

Also, they have a helpful tutorial here:
Once I have my EZ-link card paired to my account, I can choose to use the app to "reserve" my car or parking lot, or simply go to any stations to rent a vehicle!

It's really seamless and easy!
1. The rental is charged on a per-minute basis, which only stops when you plug in the vehicle. I think it's a really good way to discourage users from "hogging" vehicles!
2. The car can fit 4 people, excluding the driver, but the 2 door design makes getting in and out of the car a bit of a hassle. May not be the best if you want to ferry elders with mobility issues.
3. The boot space is virtually non-existent, so forget about packing cargo when the car is full.

I would say I'm sold with this service! I just hope they increase the number of stations nation-wide so that it will even be more accessible. If this is the car-lite future LTA is envisioning, they are definitely getting it right!


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