Unleashed the FULL POWER of your AFTERSHOCKPC Forge 15!

So it appears that the default setting for Aftershock Forge 15 Laptops are in "Entertainment".
Using hardware info:
So what are PL1 and PL2?

PL1 is basically the average power limit that the processor is able to use while PL2 is the maximum power limit for the processor in Turbo Mode.

Digging around,
It seems that the PL2 is set to the TDP of i7-9750H. Which is nothing wrong, but what if we can go FASTER?

Setting the Control Center to "Performance":

You can see the PL1 and PL2 increase to 60W and 90W respectively. Surely, there are performance gain?

When "Entertainment" (default) is selected:
Changing to "Performance":
Looks like just a modest 10% gain in performance. Either way, more power is always better!

Just don't set it to "Quiet" or "Power Saving" mode - you are better off with a U or Y series processor and an ultrabook. If you really must know, the score for "Quiet" mode is:
I didn't bother to run the "Power Saving" mode because it's painfully slow.

TLDR; set to "Performance" and soar!


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