Now That You Have "Unleashed" Your AftershockPC CPU...

It's time to do the same for your GPU. For my Forge 15, it comes with GTX 1050 and a nifty GPU overclocking tool buried in the settings.

Clicking it launches a program for you to manupilates the GPU's Core and Memory Speed.

Using Heaven's Benchmark 4.0, the default settings managed to pull off a respectable 60fps on FHD High.

After hours of testing, I managed to pull of +210Mhz on the core speed and +390 on the memory speed without additional special cooling. I mean, given that this is a laptop, there are also limitations to how much I can cool the laptop. Your mileage may vary.

That result in a modest 8% increase in performance to around 65fps.

Good luck on your overclock attempts!


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