Using UV Sterilizer with Plastic and Silicon Bottles and Feeding Utensils

So apparently, the in-thing about baby bottles sterilization is using a UV machine something like this:

Also, some manufacturer claims that it is completely safe as long as there is no latex parts:

However, when I view the bottle manufacturer's website, it seems like UV is not listed as one of the recommended sterilisation methods.

In addition, I remembered that some materials, such as plastics, undergo degradation when exposed to UV light. A quick search revealed that my memory did not fail me:

So I decided to check with the manufacturer of the bottles if it is really ok to use a UV sterilizer and here is the reply I've got:

"Thank you for your email.
We would like to share with you that Ultraviolet (UV) rays found in UV Sterilizers accelerate the deterioration of silicone and plastic material and lead to hardening of silicone and plastic material which may cause crack and tear on products. Hence, we do not recommend UV Sterilization to be used for PIGEON Products made of plastic and silicone material.
We recommend the following sterilisation methods as stated in the user manual:
Steam Sterilization
Boiling Sterilization
Chemical Sterilization
For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 6541 1700.
We seek your kind understanding and hope for your continuous support with Pigeon Products."

Well, I guess I will not use UV sterilization for plastic and silicone parts.


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