13 Things to Remember as a New BlueSG user

1. Remember to pick up your car within 30 minutes of reserving it

Otherwise, you will be charged an additional $5!

2. Unlock your car before you can remove the charging cable

Sometimes I still forget to do this and wonder why the charging cable cannot be removed. 😂

3. Minimum Rental is 15 minutes or $4.95

If you rent anything less than 15 minutes you will still be charged $4.95!

4. Set your headlamps to AUTO

That way, when you return your vehicle, the headlamps will be turned off automatically too. Also, the lights will automatically come on when it gets dark outside or when you enter a tunnel.

5. Remember to switch on your air condition

When you turn on your BlueSG vehicle, don't forget to manually turn on the air conditioner. I haven't come across any situation when the air conditioner is not needed in Singapore but considering that it is a French make, they probably didn't take into account Singapore's hot and humid weather.

6. Driving an Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle may handle differently than a traditional gasoline one.
a. You can accelerate the vehicle by varying the amount of pressure on the accelerator pedal. The response is generally immediate due to the way electric vehicles deliver torque. If your vehicle feels "laggy", call the customer service as it may be a battery problem.
b. When you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will introduce stronger engine braking than a traditional vehicle. This is due to the regenerative braking by electric vehicles.
c. When on a slope or over a hump, remember to use your handbrake as the vehicle will rollback. This is due to the lack of half clutch present in traditional gasoline vehicles.

7. You may be charged for a carpark fee when exiting the carpark of the rental vehicle sometimes

Don't worry! BlueSG will reimburse you at the end of the rental. Simply take a screenshot of the receipt or statement of your cashcard and email it to customerservice@bluesg.com.sg. They will most likely revert within the day to offset your carpark fees with the rental minutes that you have just used. Don't forget to take your cash card from the vehicle IU at the end of the trip!
Alternatively, you may attempt to contact the carpark operator at the gantry and let them know you are driving a BlueSG vehicle.

8. Reserve your parking spots

Due to the limited parking spaces of 3-4 cars per station, I highly recommend you to reserve your parking spot beforehand so as not to be caught trying to find another station when the parking is full.

9. ERP charges (excluding carpark charges) are charged to your account directly

There is no need to ensure enough cashcard value when driving into ERP zones as the ERP charges will be billed to your account directly.

10. Don't let your battery level drop below 30%!

Doing so might risk your car being immobilised and incur a $300 towing charge. If you are in the middle of a 3/5h package rental, contact customer service and they will assign you another vehicle.

11. You can only end your rental by parking in BlueSG lots and plugging in the charging cable

If your "reserved" lot is taken, just call the customer service and they will give you another 15 minutes to drive to an available nearby station.

12. Remember to turn off your hazard lights and engine when you park!

13. Strictly NO PETS!

You may get fined up to $150 if they were to find your dog hair caught in the car! Don't risk it!
Also, it is best that you make a report to CS if you do find animal hair in the vehicle so that they CS will not assume you are the user that brought the animal into the vehicle.


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